Welcome to sort2sustain

What is sort2sustain?

sort2sustain is a tracking toolkit for your 5S efforts. You can track your efforts at achieving the sustain phase of the 5S method.


  • Audits
    • Track audits per location
  • Helpful resources
  • Real-time group messaging
  • Custom reminders
  • File uploads (hosted on our servers or self-hosted)
    • Self-hosting file uploads only available through the Unlimited plan

The Plans

Both plans include all items in the toolkit. See below for more details.

FREE ($0/month)

  • Includes 3 locations
  • File uploads hosted with us
  • Email only support

Unlimited ($99/month)

  • Unlimited locations
  • File uploads hosted with us OR on your own servers
  • Email & phone support

How do I sign up?

Sign up for our waiting list to be notified when sort2sustain is ready!

Where can I find help?

Send us a message through email.